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Teeth Whitening

This is partly cosmetic and partly aesthetic. The cosmetic aspect is to achieve a beautiful and attractive smile. The other is the removal of food and liquid stains on the surface of all teeth. Can be from red wine, coffee and tea stains. Smoking presents a more difficult damaging effect on all teeth along with damage to fillings and the structure of each tooth. Burn and brown teeth are very difficult to treat. Quite often involves drastic solutions such as veneers, crowns and repeated in office bleaching of the teeth in question. We can offer take home whitening using trays and gel or a strip of fabric that can be applied to the front surface of the upper and lower six front incisor teeth (called “Whitestrips®”). There is also in office white for one or more problem teeth that are severally darkly stained requiring an enhanced whitening procedure.

Our preference is for at home whitening so that the patient can control the amount of whitening and can also see the immediate results instead of coming to the office for pictures to be taken and on assessment of the degree of whitening that has occurred.

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