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Routine Exams

An initial full examination can be quite complex but it will be the bases on which a treatment plan can and will be made by the dentist. It usually; in today’s dental offices, includes a full set of x-rays (radiographs about 14 to 18) and intra oral photos. All dentists compose an Odontogram that details all the general characteristics of the teeth. Such as gum health, tooth decay, tooth restorations (eg., crowns, bridges, dentures).

On a 6 to month revolving basis a limited revisit appointment can be done to search for any starting cavities or tooth injury or damage as well as gum recession (shortening of gum around any tooth).

Oral cancer can be a very severe and life-threatening condition. This is scanned for by most dentists on a routine bases. The many other mouth diseases and infections can be diagnosed and treated early and successfully if the regular check-ups and tooth cleaning is performed. Provided patients choose to attend for these very necessary reevaluations on a 6 to 9-month schedule.

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