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Emergency Dentistry

This is a part of most of dentistry that most dentists are reluctant to deal with. Dental pain or dental injury is something that nearly all living creatures who have teeth try to avoid becoming a necessary condition requiring the services of a dentist on an emergency occasion.


For the most part this involves a severe toothache pain. That usually turns out to require that the tooth be anesthetized and a hole or a deep cavity be treated. Most of the time, if the hole in the tooth has not been  neglected for more than a month a simple filling is required. If the hole has been present for more than 2 to 6 months and pieces of the tooth has fractured there by resulting in a much larger hole the need for a root canal procedure may become the only choice other than extracting the tooth or placing a temporary medicated filling. The use of a temporary filling gives the patient time to decide on the choices presented to them at the emergency appointment. Other choices are extraction of the offending tooth.


If a tooth is accidentally fractured, then emergency dental care becomes crucial to protect the nerve inside the tooth and to relive the patient’s pain and discomfort. A dentist has many tools and materials to handle nearly all emergency situations. With the helped and input from the patient, the best choice for each particular situation can be handled quickly and effectively. Pain medication can be prescribed just before leaving the office.

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